Dr. Agarwal says-

Let’s take a new resolution for the New Year – “ Best Dental and gum (periodontal) care and long term maintenance”


 “Oral Health is important to keep overall health.”

Scientific researches have already proven, Gum diseases may lead or worsen status of heart disease, Diabetes, blood pressure, overall health. It may also lead to preterm birth during pregnancies.

Gum disease (Periodontal disease) is a silently growing disease and many a times patient may not find any alarming symptoms and when it comes to late stage when they actually notice drifting or loose teeth, most of the time it’s too late to save them.

Therefore, it is very important to have regular dental and gum (periodontal) check-ups to avoid late stage problems.

Important to now – “ gums and surrounding tissues including surrounding bone are the supporting tissues of the teeth, so it should be made sure that they should be healthy and stable before taking any expensive, cosmetic Dentistry to provide them long term success.” Many a times it could be missed and that may lead to failing crowns, bridges, veneers or early loss of tooth/teeth or loose teeth.

Maintenance is an important part of dental treatment for long term success goals. Please make sure you follow right instructions and step for oral care and hygiene at home and also visit us for regular maintenance of your teeth and gum (periodontal) health.

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