Cosmetic Dental Services

Chelsea Dental and team is passionate about individual specific needs to achieve Happy, healthy and beautiful smiles for life.We welcome all our patients for a detailed discussion on their journey towards their best smiles.

Teeth Whitening

We offer both in office teeth whitening and Take home kits to brighten and whiten your beautiful smiles.Whether you are looking to enhance your smile for discolored  stained teeth or looking for any special occasion. At chelsea Dental our experienced Dentist work in close association for your individual special needs and make sure your journey is enjoyable and comfortable.Please refer to our latest special offers to enjoy the benefits.


As a Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne, we offer veneers in two forms as either thin layers of composite (builds up) or Dental porcelain to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile.Are you concerned of cracked, stained,chipped, crooked, short/ worned teeth- Please have a FREE COSMETIC CONSULT with our Dentists.

Crowns and Bridges

Crown and bridges serves as a good option to replace missing teeth/ tooth. The teeth (called Abutments) next to missing tooth gap are reshaped to cover them with crowns and a connecting pontic ( replacement for missing tooth) together forms a bridge.Crown and bridge together prevent any migration of health teeth in missing gap and thus further prevent any related damage on dentition and surrounding tissues.

Smile Designing

An analysis is made for how your existing smile could be made best aesthetic Cosmetic smile you ever wanted. A combination of Gingval re contouring ( Gum reshaping) and Veneers / crowns and / Crowns and Bridges is discussed as an option for enhancing your dental aesthetics.

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