General Dental Services

General Dental Services at Chelsea Dental

“Maintaining Oral health is important for overall health”. We at Chelsea Dental aims at preserving your oral health to optimum level as long as possible. “Prevention is always better than cure”.At Chelsea Dental we encourage a preventive dental treatment including biannual comprehensive examination (check up) and clean to continually monitor on oral health and provide necessary treatment at an early stage.


Preventive Dentistry-

 Comprehensive checkups, Xrays, scale and clean and fluoride treatments.Periodic recalls- A recall appointment at 6 months for comprehensive check ups, scale and clean and further monitoring on Dental status and taking the required treatments at the right stage to avoid any delays and avoiding a late stage complicated Dentistry.

Fissure Sealants-

 Fissures are the natural grooves present on premolars and Molars. When deep, its hard to keep them clean and they are more prone for decay.(especially for kids and young adolescents).Fissure sealants are preventive treatments provided for such deep fissures to cover them with plastic coating to cover chewing surfaces of teeth.Sealants forms a hard shield that keeps the food and bacteria away from getting into the tiny grooves on chewing surfaces of the teeth. However, maintenance including 6-12 monthly check up and monitoring is mandatory to check any lost Fissure sealants or secondary decays.


 We at Chelsea dental proud to announce as one of the Melbounre’s amlagam free clinics.White Fillings- Composite filling is a mixture of plastic and glass particles used to fill / restore a decayed tooth. It is tooth coloured and therefore a better cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings. They are strong to restore lost tooth structure and function. At chelsea Dental, we provide the tooth coloured fillings matching your tooth and also helps in replacing faulty or cracking old amlagam fillings that needs replacements.

 Root Canal Treatment-

 Root Canal Treatment is a treatment of choice to save the salvageable teeth with infected/ inflamed or dead pulp. Pulp tissue is the soft tissue inside the teeth that harbours nerves,blood vessels and connective tissue.Once the tooth pulp is removed, space is cleaned,shaped and sterilized, it is sealed with filling material to prevent any further infection.Following RCT a crown or more complex restoration is recommended to protect the saved tooth from any fractures.

Dental Extractions-

 When the teeth are unforeseeable, your dentist may advice tooth extraction. Depending on the complexity, extractions could be simple to complex including surgical extractions.Please feel free to ask any further individual need specific questions to our Dentists.Following extractions its recommended to replace the lost/missing tooth/teeth by Dental Implants/ crowns and Bridge /Dentures ( partial or full).

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