Gums (Periodontics) Treatments

Gums (Periodontics) Treatments

The surrounding supporting tissue around the tooth is called as Periodontium. For overall Oral health, healthy Periodontium is essential.

Periodontal Disease (Gingivitis and Periodontitis) is the infection of gums and surrounding supporting tissues including supporting bone for the teeth, if left untreated may lead to early loss of the teeth.With periodontal disease in early stages you may not experience any pain or discomfort but your Dentist may be able to evaluate your gum health. Few people may experience bleeding gums, sore or itchy gums or drifted or shifted teeth.Therefore a regular check-up and early diagnosis and early treatment is essential to avoid any late complicated stage or losing the tooth which could have been saved at early treatment.That’s why it is so important to treat the periodontal disease as early as possible, the sooner it is treated lesser the overall damage would be.

At Chelsea Dental, Dr. Agarwal is keen on saving teeth and providing early required periodontal treatments.

“Beautiful smiles are long lasting if there supporting tissues are achieved and maintained healthy!”



Scaling and Root planing– It involves removing the tartar and plaque below the gum line and smoothening the root surface to allow healing and reattaching the gum tissue to the tooth and avoid any further problems.Should you be a candidate for scaling and root planing ask our friendly dentist for further details.

Pocket Depth Reduction or flap Surgery-When the gum measurements or pockets are too deep to be cleaned by scaling and   Root planing, then a gum surgical procedure is carried out to reduce the pocket depths and clear the infected tissue, bacteria and tartar under the pockets and thus preventing any further damage. On reducing the pocket depths, these areas are easy to clean and maintain.

Bone graft and Regeneration-In indicated cases, where bone and tissues have been destroyed by periodontal disease can be reversed to a certain extent by enhancing body’s natural ability to regenerate by using bone grafts and membranes.

Crown Lengthening – is a procedure carried out when the tooth is recommended for a crown or restoration and the margin of the tooth or restoration is not accessible by the Dentist.In this procedure, a new relationship of gum to bone is created by adjusting levels of gums and supporting bone around tooth to facilitate the new restoration or crown.

Soft Tissue procedures / Gum Grafting-Sometimes due to advance periodontal damage, there may be recession in gum tissue and root exposure with common complains of unsightly exposed roots and sensitivity and hard to clean these areas.In indicated cases, a gum grafting procedure may be performed which leads to new gum tissue attached to exposed roots where they are easy to clean and aesthetically pleasant.Gum grafting procedure is a complex and meticulous process that helps restoring the gum’s covering on the tooth and reduction in sensitivity.

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